Anthony Goldstein (bluebronze_gold) wrote,
Anthony Goldstein

In the aftermath of DH

Anthony lingers along the edge of Hogwarts, his presence unseen as the Final Battle ends and the dead are laid out like empty tubes of paint. He sighs as Sirius returns from Harry's side and wraps his arms around him. Anthony leans back into his arms, grateful for the touch and knowing that both he and Sirius won't see much of each other in the days that follow as they help new souls to settle. After a kiss that is too hungry and too brief, they separate again.

Anthony meets some of the fallen Ravenclaws, guides them to where they belong, into the waiting arms of family and friends already crossed over. He can do nothing for the young first year who died as she hid behind a tapestry that could not protect her from the flying curses. She is too distraught to do anything but linger in shadows until The Grey Lady finds her and takes her away.

Finally everyone seems to be where they should be; the time has passed quicker than he expected and he is about to return home to the flat he shares with Sirius when he runs into Fred, quite literally.
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