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In the aftermath of DH [17 Aug 2007|03:32pm]
Anthony lingers along the edge of Hogwarts, his presence unseen as the Final Battle ends and the dead are laid out like empty tubes of paint. He sighs as Sirius returns from Harry's side and wraps his arms around him. Anthony leans back into his arms, grateful for the touch and knowing that both he and Sirius won't see much of each other in the days that follow as they help new souls to settle. After a kiss that is too hungry and too brief, they separate again.

Anthony meets some of the fallen Ravenclaws, guides them to where they belong, into the waiting arms of family and friends already crossed over. He can do nothing for the young first year who died as she hid behind a tapestry that could not protect her from the flying curses. She is too distraught to do anything but linger in shadows until The Grey Lady finds her and takes her away.

Finally everyone seems to be where they should be; the time has passed quicker than he expected and he is about to return home to the flat he shares with Sirius when he runs into Fred, quite literally.
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[05 Dec 2005|12:09am]
Anthony's Letters:
"01 September 1991"
Arrival at Hogwarts

22 March 1995
Anthony's hit with a Babbling Hex

"24 June 1995"
End of Triwizard

"18 September 1995
Pictures received from Oscar

24 September 1995
Another letter to Oscar

05 October 1995
To Cordelia about Hogsmeade

06 October 1995
To Prof. Lupin about tea and his dog

23 January 1996
Mum wants to commission a portrait of sister Miranda

26 January 1996
Miranda attempts to comission Oscar for portrait

29 January 1996
Oscar takes commission and sends Anthony a game

04 February 1996
Anthony admits to Mum that he's gay

18 April 1996
Embarrassing Patronus

20 April 1996
Anthony's lonely and sends art essay to Lazuli care of Oscar.

"13 May 1996"
Death of Muffin

16 November 1996
To Oscar about Lazuli being threatened

17 November 1996
Anthony tells Oscar to leave studio

"15 June 1997"
Unhealing Cuts

"17 June 1997"
After he knows about the curse

"18 June 1997"
Miranda the watchdog

24 June 1997
Ginny's Portrait

Others' Letters Involving Anthony:
By Ginny Weasley, 18 April 1996

By Blaise Zabini, 22 April 1997

By Blaise Zabini, 17 June 1997

By Ginny Weasley 19 June, 1997

By Ginny Weasley, 23 June 1997

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